ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering

The ASEAN Chemical Engineers as well as some Japanese Chemical Engineers organized a symposium for the ASEAN chemical engineers since 1994. This is called "Regional Symposium of Chemical Engineering - RSCE". The primary objectives of this symposium is to serve as venue for the dissemination of the research output done by chemical engineers, to establish linkages among the chemical engineers in the ASEAN region, and lastly, the need for Japan to strengthen ties with ASEAN countries.

This is being done every year with the following countries organising the said symposium: Philippines - 1994, Thailand - 1995, Indonesia - 1996, Malaysia - 1997, Philippines - 1998, Thailand - 1999, Singapore - 2000 and Indonesia - 2001. The organizing committee included International Advisory Committee in the different ASEAN countries to coordinate with the local chemical engineers. This activity is supported by the universities, government agencies and professional organization of the chemical engineers in their respective countries. There are about 150 - 250 participants every year and about 150 research outputs are being presented during the symposium.

Chemical engineers envisioned the need to publish their research outputs periodically in a referred journal. Even with the presence of many journals in the field of Chemical Engineering, these are mainly publications from the Western World primarily managed by experts from the West and whose perspective are globally influenced. Such journals, therefore, are not able to manifest an understanding of the ASIAN environment and the needs of the countries in that region. In this manner, the needs of the local industries in the region do not appear to have addressed by the academe because of the lack of venue for the dissemination of research outputs.

Some of the advantages of having a referred journal for chemical engineers are the following:

  • * ASEAN countries signified their intention to contribute
  • * One issue will be selected from the RSCE proceedings
  • * Focusing on one the Chemical Engineering field but widening circulation
  • * Strengthen ties among ASEAN researchers
  • * Higher standard level as compared to the RSCE Proceedings
  • * Venue for Ch. E. researchers to publish because there is difficulty to get paper accepted in a well-known journals
  • * Industry can be tapped to publish and subscribe because it will feature balance publications