vol. 18 no.2 (2018)

Welcome to the 18th edition, 2018 Volume 18 No. 2 of ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering. The Scientific Committee of RSCE has decided that ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering is also published as an electronic journal since 2008. The current edition publishes ten papers from various areas of chemical engineering: extraction, kinetics and reaction, polymers, adsorption, filtration, material science, mass transfer as well as membrane technology. Incoming papers were from Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, and Thailand. We invite you all as member of ASEAN University network to participate in publishing your paper in the forthcoming edition

Table of Contents


Betain and Alcohol-based Deep Eutectic Solvents for Vitexin Extraction from Binahong (Anredera cordifolia) Leaves Abstract PDF
Kamarza Wardhani, Elsa A. Krisanti, Geraldi Andika 1-6
Development of a Method through Digital Image Analysis for Analyzing Polyaniline Based Sensors for Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen (TVBN) as Fish Freshness Indicators Abstract PDF
Manna Joanna Maravillas, Althea Mae Mendenilla, Adrian Fernando Merino, Edna Quinto 7-12
Utilization of Modified Indonesia Natural Bentonite for Dye Removal Abstract PDF
Harish Reza Septiano Warsono, Winarto Kurniawan, Hirofumi Hinode 13-21
Sulfuric Acid Resistance of Geopolymer Mortars from Co-combustion Residuals of Bamboo and Kaolin Abstract PDF
Aprilina Purbasari, Tjokorde Walmiki Samadhi, Yazid Bindar 22-30
Anionic Dye Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions by Chitosan Coated Luffa Fibers Abstract PDF
Cherdphong Seedao, Tanawat Rachphirom, Methinee Phiromchoei, Witawat Jangiam 31-40
Physicochemical and Rheological Properties of Sago (MetroxylonSagu) Starch Modified with Lactic Acid Hydrolysis and UV Rotary Drying Abstract PDF
Siswo Sumardiono, Rizki B Rakhmawati, Isti Pudjihastuti 41-53
Study of Suspended Impurities Origin and Composition in the Treatment Process of Johkasou System Abstract PDF
Yenni Trianda, Reni Desmiarti, Tomonari Fujisawa, Yasushi Ishiguro, Fusheng Li 54-61
Optimization for Production Tert-Butyl Oleyl Glycoside Nonioic Surfactant Using Response Surface Methodology Abstract PDF
Harsa Pawignya, Tutuk Djoko Kusworo, Bambang Pramudono 62-69
Investigation of Solute Diffusion through Polyvinyl Alcohol/ Polyallylamine Ultrafiltration Membrane Abstract PDF
D Ariono, A K Wardani, P T P Aryanti, I G Wenten 70-80
Study of Polymeric Membranes Potential for Eugenol Purification from Crude Clove leaf Oil Abstract PDF
Tutuk Djoko Kusworo, Danny Soetrisnanto, Widayat Widayat, Budiyono Budiyono, Dani Puji Utomo 81-92