vol. 5 no. 1 (2005)


ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering volume 5 number 1, June 2005, features ten (10) papers presented during RSCE 2002 and RSCE 2003. From these papers, find out from R. Handogo, Avon T. H., and J. Lelono (Malaysia) when the steady-state RGA method should be used and when to resort to dynamic interaction measurements, such as ADGA and INA, to arrive at the most accurate controller pairing when measuring dynamic interaction measurements in multiloop control systems; "- Pavarajarn D. Wongwattanasate, P.Praserthdam S. Assabumrungrat, (Thailand), and S. Goto (Japan) the prospects of producing ETBE through direct synthesis from EtOH and TBA using highly selective 13-zeolite catalyst in a semibatch reactor and how heat duty, molar ratio of H20: EtOH, and reflux ratio affect production;.

R. G. R. Tan and D. E. Cruz (Philippines) how fuzzy nonlinear programming for the synthesis of robust water reuse networks help industries balance the need to achieve water reduction targets with the need to meet process limiting concentrations as uncertainties in the true mass loads arise during operation;

T. Watanabe (Japan) how the application of halogenated hydrocarbon decomposition can help in the design and construction of a portable plasma-generation system that does not require gas supply units;

G. Najafpour (Iran), H. Younesi, and K.S. Ku Ismail (Malaysia) the optimum substrate concentration for the maximum growth of R. rubrum for use as biocatalyst in large-scale hydrogen production from synthesis gas with high CO-uptake in the light of developing renewable resources and environmental sustainability;

A. Mindaryani, B. tv. Tyoso, tv. Sediawan, and Supranto (Indonesia) the particle scale kinetic parameters of strongly adsorbed VOCs in ;:\ctivated carbon using differential permeation technique; p. y: Ooi, T. T. Teng, A. K. M. Omar, and N. A. R. Nik Norulaini (Malaysia) the optimal conditions as well as the best dosage and combination of MgCI2, alum, and MgCl2 and alum as aqueous coagulant to achieve the highest percentage removal of color and suspended solids, specifically in Levafix Brill Blue EBRA, in treating textile wastewater;

P. Pavasant, P. Wongsuchoto, and "- Suksoir (Thailand) how they came up with a mathematical model that could predict oxygen mass transfer behavior in an internal loop ALC with reasonable accuracy with no need for parameter fittings;

L. Andalaluna and M. Sugioka (Indonesia) what are the enhancement effects of hydrogen sulfide over metal ion-exchange mesoporous silicate FSM-16 in acid-catalyzed reactions; and M. M. Mustafa, S. A. S. Rozaimah, and A. R. Rakmi (Malaysia) how the proposed modification to DS's combination rule in combining sequences of evidence from the same source, while also considering different times, successfully overcomes deficiencies in the theory meant for application in the removal of toxic chromium ions in wastewater.


Table of Contents


Comparison of Steady State and Dynamic Interaction Measurements in Multiloop Control Systems Abstract Full Text
Renanto Handogo, Avon T. H., Joko Lelono 1-15
Simulation of Ethyl Tert-Butyl Ether Production from Tert-Butyl Alcohol and Ethanol in Reactive Distillation Abstract Full Text
Suryo Purwono 16-21
Synthesis of Robust Water Reuse Networks Using Fuzzy Nonlinear Programming: Mass Exchange-Based Processes Abstract Full Text
Raymond Girard R. Tan, Dennis E. Cruz 22-29
Water Plasma Generation Under Atmospheric Pressure for Waste Treatment Abstract Full Text
Takayuki Watanabe 30-34
Hydrogen Production from Synthesis Gas Using the Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodospirillum rubrum Abstract Full Text
Ghasem Najafpour, Habibollah Younesi 35-44
Kinetic Parameters Determination of Benzene Vapor Adsorption on Activated Carbon Using Differential Permeation Technique Abstract Full Text
Aswati Mindaryani, Boma W. Tyoso, Wahyudi B. Sediawan, Supranto 45-51
Removal of Dyes by Aqueous Mixed Coagulants Abstract Full Text
Peik Yin Ooi, Tjoon Tow Teng, A. K. Mohd Omar, N. A. R. Nik Norulaini 52-64
Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in Airlift Contactors Abstract Full Text
P. Pavasant, P. Wongsuchoto, V. Suksoir 65-75
Enhancemen Effect of Hydrogen Sulfide Over Metal Ion-Exchange Mesoporous Silicate FSM-16 for Acid Catalyzed Reactions. Abstract Full Text
Lebong Andalaluna, Masatoshi Sugioka 76-83
Application of Evidence Theory to Automate The Process of Removing Toxic Chromium Ions in Wastewater Abstract Full Text
Mohd Marzuki Mustafa, Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah, Rakmi Abdul Rahman 84-98