vol. 5 no. 2 (2005)


ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering, volume 5 number 2, features eight papers presented during RSCE 2003 and 2004. Of these papers, four came from Malaysia, two each from the Philippines and Indonesia, and one from Thailand, with coauthors coming from Australia, Austria, and the U.K. From these paper, find out how

M. Nasikin and A. Wahid (Malaysia) explore how ultrasonic irradiation increased catalyst activity to convert CO2 to methanol as an alternative technology;

S. Muryanto (Indonesia) and H.M. Ang (Australia) evaluate a laboratory project on the formation of calcium sulfate dihydrate scales on various types of pipe surfaces under various isothermal conditions;

A. W. Lee, N.M. Ghasem, and M. A. Hussain (Malaysia) review mathematical program languages and how each one can be applied to specific chemical engineering problem;

C.M. Ling, A.R.Mohamed, and S. Bhatia (Malaysia) study the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and phenol to come up with data useful for the design of a photocatalytic reactor for the treatment of organic pollutants in waste streams;

R.G.R. Tan (the Philippines) elucicates fuzzy SAW algorithm as the preferred approach in assessing different technological options involving multiple criteria and data uncertainty, which is possibilistic rather than probabilistic, to arrive at optimal integrated waste management and process plant retrofit;

J. Wittayakun, N. Grisdanurak, B. Nuntaitawegon (Thailand), G. Kinger, and H.Vinek (Austria) come up with the optimum conditions for the catalytic reduction of nitric oxide by CO over cobalt using Co/BEA catalyst;

A. N. Soriano and B.T. Doma, Jr. (the Philippines) lay down the bases why ionic liquids, a new class of solvents, are potenitally the most viable alternative to VOCs which are major contributors to air pollutions;

C. R. Che Hassan (Malaysia), M.J.Pitt, and A.J. Wilday (the United Kingdom) identify the strengths and weaknesses of performance indicators in the audit of process safety management system;

Sumardi P., I.B. Agra, I.M. Bendiyasa, and Wahyudi B.S. (Indonesia) uncover the burning ability of concrete demolition rubble to establish these waste products as alternative to limestone as corrective materials in Portland cement production;

A. Trianto, Y.Bindar, and Noezran (Indonesia) evaluate the performance of an MPMR in simultaneuously producing propylene of both chemical and polymer grades, specificially to remedy the absence of a propane-propylene splitter and to replace traditional cracking methods.

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Dr. Susan A. Roces

Table of Contents


Effect of Ultrasonic During Preparation on Cu-Based Catalyst Performance for Hydrogenation of C02 to Methanol Abstract Full Text
M Nasikin, A Wahid 111-115
An Interesting Final-Year Undergraduate Laboratory Project: Investigation of Gypsum Scale Formation on Piping Surfaces Abstract Full Text
S. Muryanto, H M Ang 116-124
Utilization of Mathematical Software Packages in Chemical Engineering Research Abstract Full Text
Ang Wee Lee, Nayef Mohamed Ghasem, Mohamed Azlan Hussain 125-129
Photodegradation Kinetics of Phenol and Methylene Blue Dye Present in Water Stream Over Immobilized Film Ti02 Catalyst Abstract Full Text
Chin Mei Ling, Abdul Rahman Mohamed, Subhash Bhatia 131-139
Ranking of Waste Management Options Under Conditions of Possibilistic Uncertainty Using Fuzzy SAW Abstract Full Text
Raymond Girard R. Tan 140-146
NO Reduction by Carbon Monoxide Over Cobalt on ZeoliteBeta Abstract Full Text
Nurak Grisdanurak, Benjamart Nuntaitawegon, Gerald Kinger, Hannelore Vinek 147-155
Effect of Basis Sets on the Selection of the Level of Theory Toward the Development of Quantum-Based Force Field Equation for Ionic Liquids Abstract Full Text
A. N. Soriano, B. T. Doma, Jr. 156-160
Integrating Performance Indicator Into the Audit Process Safety Management System Abstract Full Text
C. R. Che Hassan, M. J. Pitt, A. J. Wilday 161-168
Kinetic Consideration of Clinker Formation in Portland Cement Production Using Demolition Rubbles (Concrete,mortar and plaster) Part I : Burning Ability of Raw Mixes Abstract Full Text
Sumardi P, I. B. Agra, I. M. Bendiyasa, Wahyudi B. S. 169-175
Propane Dehydrogenation in a Modified Porous Membrane Reactor for Producing Propylene with Chemical and Polymer Grades Abstract Full Text
Azis Trianto, Yazid Bindar , Noezran 176-182