vol. 9 no.1 (2009)

It is acknowledged that ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering is an E-journal since 2008. The Scientific Committee of RSCE has also decided that this E-journal can now be freely accessed, no subscription needed. This does not mean that ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering has changed. Indeed, the “spirit” of ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering is still conserved as in the previous editions. The first volume of this 9th edition publishes six papers from various areas of chemical engineering, especially in catalytic reaction and kinetics, drying and waste treatment. We look forward to more contributions from your excellent research activities for the next edition.

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Table of Contents


H2-poor bio-syngas in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over un-promoted and rhenium promoted alumina-supported cobalt catalysts: Effect of water addition Abstract Full Text
Dewi Tristantini, Borje Gevert 1-10
Regeneration, MDA, Mo carbide, zeolite, aromatic, coke Abstract Full Text
Chandra Mohan Sinnathambi 11-15
One Dimensional Mathematical Model of Re-Ignition Characteristics Abstract Full Text
Tri Poespowati 16-23
Influence of Oxygenation on Granulation in Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Abstract Full Text
Soeprijanto, Brighton 24-31
Mathematical Model and Advance Control for Activated Sludge Process in Sequencing Batch Reactor Abstract Full Text
Ahmmed S Ibrehem, Mohamed Azlan Hussain 32-46
Kinetics of Mass Transfer, Colour, Total Polyphenol and Texture Change of Manilkara Zapota During Convective Air Drying Abstract Full Text
Chien Wha Chong, Chung Lim Law, Michael Wha Cloke, Luqman Chuah Abdullah, Wan Ramli Wan Daud 47-58