vol. 12 no.2 (2012)

Welcome to the 12th edition, 2012 Volume 12 No. 2 of ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering (AJChE). We suddenly realize that ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering is twelve years old, starting with a printed version journal, but since 2008 the journal has been also published electronically via website. Although the appearance has changed, the “spirit” of ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering feature is essentially conserved as in the previous editions. The current edition publishes eight papers from various areas of chemical engineering: catalytic reaction and kinetics, adsorption, distillation as well as material science. Incoming papers were from Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. We invite you all as member of ASEAN University network to participate in publishing your paper in the forthcoming edition. Starting from year 2012, the content of AJChE has been covered in Scopus and EBSCO. Best regards, Editor

Table of Contents


Equilibrium Study on Reactive Extraction of Lactic Acid with Tri-n – Butyl Phosphate in n - Hexane Abstract PDF
Panut Mulyono, Anita Pardah 1-10
Comparison of Cutinase Separation in Different Chromatographic Media Abstract PDF
Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Jamaliah Md.Jahim, Suhaila Johar, Osman Hassan 11-18
Co-solvent Selection for Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Essential Oil and Bioactive Compounds from Polygonum minus Abstract PDF
Masturah Markom, Norsyamimi Hassim, Nurina Anuar, Syarul Nataqain Baharum 19-26
Effects of Fluxing Agents on Filter Aids Prepared from Lam-Dong Diatomate Abstract PDF
Mai Thanh Phong, Tran Duy Hai, Phan Dinh Tuan 27-34
A Dynamic Model for Ultrasonic – assisted Extraction of Bio-active Compounds from Natural Products Abstract PDF
Trung Kien Tran, Lan Huong Phung, Hoai Nga Le, Thi Thu Huyen Nguyen, Xuan Son Nghiem, Van Thiem Pham 35-42
Research on Biological Activity of some Extracts from Vietnamese Carica papaya Leaves Abstract PDF
Do Thi Hoa Vien, Phung Thi Thuy 43-51
Optimization Research into the Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction to Separate Polyphenol from Green Tea Waste Abstract PDF
Lan Huong Phung, Trung Kien Tran, The Cuong Nguyen, Hong Quang Do, Thu Tra Phan, Hong Son Vu, Tien Huy Nguyen 52-60
Optimisation of LS54/Dx Aqueous Two Phase System Conditions for Cutinase Recovery Abstract PDF
Jamaliah Md. Jahim, Abdul Wahab Mohamad, Fariza Akmal Abdul Mutalib, Farah Diba Abu Bakar, Osman Hassan 61-69