vol. 15 no.2 (2015)

Welcome to the 15th edition, 2015 Volume 15 No. 2 of ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering. The Scientific Committee of RSCE has decided that ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering is also published as an electronic journal since 2008, and the front cover feature has to be slightly changed into more chemical engineering picture. Although the appearance has changed, basically the “spirit” of ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering feature is still conserved as in the previous editions. The current edition publishes six papers from various areas of chemical engineering: catalytic reaction and kinetics, adsorption, membrane technology, separation as well as material science. Incoming papers were from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. We invite you all as member of ASEAN University network to participate in publishing your paper in the forthcoming edition.

Table of Contents


Effect of Sintering Temperature on the Fabrication of Ceramic Hollow Fibre Membrane Abstract PDF
Syafikah H Paiman, Mukhlis A A Rahman, Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman, Siti Halimah Ahmad 1-10
A Morphology Studies On Effect Of A Coagulation Bath Mediums As The Phase Inversion Parameter For Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) (Pvdf) Membranes Abstract PDF
A.R. Nurul Izzati, M.D. Irfan Hatim, H Hasbullah, Adil Hatem Rashid 11-19
Comparison of Thermal Properties of PCB Photoresist Films Cured by Different Techniques Abstract PDF
Piyachat Wattanachai, Christian Antonio, Susan Roces 20-32
Prediction of Density of Binary Mixtures of Ionic Liquids with Alcohols (Methanol/Ethanol/1-Propanol) using Artificial Neural Network Abstract PDF
Karen Faith P. Ornedo Ramos, Allan N Soriano, Carla Angela M. Muriel, Adonis P Adornado, Vergel C Bungay 33-50
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Geopolymers from Mixtures of Coal Ash and Rice Hull Ash using Water Glass Solution as Activator Abstract PDF
Martin Ernesto L. Kalaw, Alvin B Culaba, Hoc Thang Nguyen, Khoi Nguyen, Hirofumi Hinode, Winarto Kurniawan, Susan M Gallardo, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla 51-61
Preliminary Study: Kinetics of Oil Extraction from Sandalwood by Microwave-assisted Hydrodistillation Abstract PDF PDF
Heri Septya Kusuma, Mahfud Mahfud 62-69